Muay Thai In Thailand

Every country has their specialties, charms, attractions, and characteristics. They are all unique and distinct from each other. Furthermore, they house different indigenous sports that could efficiently depict the richness of their culture and history. One of the most interesting martial art that has gained popularity not just with its locals but also from foreigners is Muay Thai that originates in Thailand.

Muay Thai is derived from the Sanskrit words, Mavya Thai that literally translates as the art of the eight limbs with the fact that a Muay Thai fighter uses his or her two hands, two elbows, two knees, and two feet. It has some relevance and similarities with kickboxing, and is performed as a combat sport in a ring. Although all of these are taken into account, Muay Thai is hold sacred as it signifies the unique and colorful cultural history of Thailand. Ever since its birth, Muay Thai has been preserved and passed on from generations to generations with little changes or developments.

As the years pass by, Muay Thai has gained the attention and love from people all over the world as it is currently practiced not just by the Thais but also by foreigners. Yes, there are training grounds of infrastructures overseas, but nothing beats the experience of Muay Thai in the land of its origin. It is not about the infrastructures, it is about the ambiance of the location. It is a priceless experience to learn Muay Thai from where it has started. Presently, Thailand has a number of muay thai gym and camps that could provide you with the proper knowledge and preparation in learning the art as its trainers are renowned experts and Muay Thai champions, themselves.
Do not miss the chance to learn Muay Thai in the land where it first prospered. Have fun!