SecurePaaS: The Security Essentials

It has been claimed that SecurePaaS offers real-time security, but in doubt whether it is really secure. Get rid of that doubt and consider this account as a proof. You will find out more on the app security in devops on this website.

What is SecurePaaS?

Before proceeding to its security essentials, it would be best to have better, if not best, understanding of SecurePaaS first. SecurityPaaSis described as an exclusive security technology that recognizes and detects the requesting application or equipment. It offers centralized identity management using Single Sign On and One Time Password.

SecurePaaS aims to securely determine the users to ensure who logs in to certain systems and may have the rights to have access to your system or application. It handles application data without understanding of the device or application behind the login procedure.
SecurePass is also covered by an insurance just like that of the other GARL services. The insurance coverage includes a premier multinational policy based in Switzerland. This coverage can refund as much as 250’000 CHF in every incident. GARL can also cover up to 5 million CHF for each incident.


What Are Technical References on Data Security offered by SecurePaaS?

• Core secret location keys, up to 10 megatons nuclear attack resistance and former Swiss military premise.
• Emergency procedures and legal coverage against any form of security threat or attack.
• Best practise and high-encryption deployed in standard military environments.
• Presence of business continuity in various networks in highly-secured high-speed datacenters.
• Processes in revoking the core keys when the administrator leaves the company or when they are under personal threat.
• Compliance with ISO 17799 and PCI-DSS.

What Are the SecurePaaS Benefits?

This security approach readily provides you with:

• Better privacy
• Great enterprise architecture for businesses
• Cost control match security
• Easy data integration
• Secure protected data collaboration
• Data confidentiality

Get your own SecurePaaS security now and bid goodbye to your authentication-related problems.