Basics of Wireline Logging and Formation Evaluation

In the recent pace of the years, the world has been blessed with developments and advancements especially when it comes to technology. Because of technology, there are faster ways of transportation and better means of communication that are coupled with the modern way of living by the people. Let us admit it! Technology made people’s lives easier, more convenient, comfortable, and better. Things could get complicated, but they could still be solved at the end of the day.

Today, the key is technology, the process is technology, the solution is technology, and the outcome is technology. Even if you are at home or at work, small-scale or big-scale issues in the society, technology plays a vital role in fulfilling ordinary everyday living.

Living in the modern world, challenges couldn’t get any less tough. Good thing, technology always offers the right solution. Let us take a look into the cavern storage industry. This industry was once unfamiliar and unknown, far from the knowledge and awareness of the people. Furthermore, obstacles and problems in the expertise arise one after another. In the past, the perfect place to store hydrocarbon products was unknown to men. The proper procedure on how to store such vulnerable and precious products away from contamination of the external environment was not yet discovered. Moreover, tools and equipments for the work were not yet available.

With a short snap of technology, everything is solved and given solutions. Right now, the underground is used to preserve and protect hydrocarbon products like natural gas. Natural gas is injected into storage during low demands and is withdrawn when demands are skyrocketing. Understanding the know-hows and details about this project could get complicated. Hence, leave it all to the experts.

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